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  Serie Rip. Peso Pausa
 Leg extension 2 10 1'
This will be your pre-exhaust exercise. Use it as warm-up. FULL ROM (range of motion), and controlled movement.
 Pressa alla macchina 3 6-8 3'
This will be your main STRENGHT exercise. Use the Progressive Overload principle (increasing the weight or doing more reps in the next training session). Always focus yourself on the correct execution (slow and controlled movement).
 Affondi con manubri 3 10-12 2'
Now that your legs start getting a good blood flow.. let's move on to a more lactate workout. Try to keep the same reps from the first to the last set, always focus yourself on the execution.
 Sissy squat 2 AMRAP 1'
Stretch the muscle well. Destroy your quads. ;)
 Leg curl 2 8 2'
Always focus yourself on stretching well the muscle and make sure to have a good peak contraction.
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